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Experienced Illinois Landlord/Tenant Law

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Edgerton & Edgerton, Attorneys at Law assists tenants and landlords in the resolution of difficult legal disputes involving leases, evictions, and litigation. Illinois has very specific laws governing the rights and obligations of renters and owners. Our team has the knowledge and understanding of these laws to make them work for you in any landlord/tenant case. We have successfully resolved thousands of landlord/tenant disputes for clients in DuPage County and throughout Northern Illinois.

Serving the Lessor or Lessee

In all matters of real estate, the need for solid agreements and contracts, and the best strategies for the enforcement of those agreements, is key. Our attorneys can help you develop and enforce your landlord/tenant contracts. Our landlord/tenant services include:

  • Forcible entry and detainer (evictions)
  • Landlord-tenant litigation on behalf of both landlords and tenants
  • Foreclosure and eviction defense
  • State appeals
  • Lease drafting and interpretation
  • Collections
  • Habitability issues

Edgerton & Edgerton, Attorneys at Law can help you navigate the often-complicated legal processes involved in landlord/tenant disputes. If you are renting someone else’s property and want to protect your tenant’s rights, or you are a landlord in need of assistance with the eviction of a tenant, our experienced attorneys can help insure a legally sound process and the protection of your rights along the way.

Forcible Entry and Detainer (Evictions)

Forcible entry and detainer is summary proceeding in which the landlord or owner of a property serves notice to the tenant of a pending eviction from the property and the intent to recover possession of property. With a court order, the police or law enforcement official may forcibly remove the tenant from the property.

Typically a tenant can be evicted for violation of one or more provisions of the lease agreement, such as: 

  • Failure to make lease payments on time
  • Keeping pets or persons not authorized to reside at the premises under the lease
  • Conducting illegal or criminal activity on the premises

We work with landlords to ensure that they follow all of the correct legal procedures when evicting tenants. We can prepare and submit the proper notices and legal documents and work with law enforcement to remove tenants when necessary. If you believe you have been wrongfully ousted from or deprived of possession of property, we can help with these matters as well.

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Edgerton & Edgerton, Attorneys at Law are ready to help you resolve your real estate, housing, and landlord/tenant issues, whether business or residential, efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us at 630-231-3000 for honest, experienced representation. We serve landlord/tenant clients in DuPage County and throughout Northern Illinois, including Kane, McHenry, DeKalb, Cook, Kendall, Lake, and Will Counties. Your initial consultation is free.

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