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The construction industry thrives in DuPage County. Disputes arise in many construction projects. When contractors, workers, or equipment suppliers fail to receive agreed upon compensation for labor, service, or materials provided on a job, a mechanics lien could be recorded against the propertyEdgerton & Edgerton, Attorneys at Law are commercial law attorneys with knowledge and experience in collecting unpaid debt through a mechanics lien. We serve business clients with mechanics liens in DuPage County and throughout Northern Illinois.

Recovery Through Mechanics Liens

Mechanics liens are useful tools for “mechanics,” generally defined as someone who provides specific services, such as design professionals, plumbers, painters, construction workers, carpenters, and building suppliers. Edgerton & Edgerton, Attorneys at Law is experienced in the legal procedures and requirements for recording and filing an enforceable mechanics lien and for filing suit to foreclose on one. When you have been wronged through a payment default in a construction contract, the mechanics lien can coerce the property owner to pay monies owed.  If the owner does not respond to the lien with payment, you can seek a court judgment on the lien and order a foreclosure sale of the property so the debt can be paid from proceeds of the sale. In this case, you may also recover court and any legal fees you incurred through the lien process.

Protection Against Improper Liens

A mechanics lien filed against your property can be problematic and costly. In some cases you may end up paying twice for a subcontractor’s work, and worse, you may be blocked from selling, mortgaging, or refinancing your property. The lien against you could lead to a foreclosure suit that would force a court-ordered sale of your property to satisfy the debt claimed in the lien. Edgerton & Edgerton, Attorneys at Law can protect you against unfair liens filed against your property. Timely representation by our experienced lien attorneys is essential if you are going to avoid serious consequences. We will examine the validity and enforceability of the lien and protect your rights.

You can protect against liens with properly documented contracts and receipts prior to issuing payments to subcontractors. The use of contractor’s statements, lien waivers, and construction escrow can avert mechanics liens. Let us assist in the development or review of contracts and help you avoid unenforceable liens or remove unfair liens filed against you.

If you need help collecting debt for construction work you have performed through a mechanics lien, or enforcing its terms, or if you need help defending a mechanics lien filed against your property, you can benefit from our knowledge and skill in construction law. We have extensive experience in assisting construction professionals and property owners in DuPage County and throughout Northern Illinois, including Kane, McHenry, DeKalb, Cook, Kendall, Lake, and Will Counties. Contact us to discuss you case. The initial consultation is free.

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